What we do

Building Healthy Communities

We develop healthy communities by increasing their economic capacity. We do this through encouraging and aiding business development in Kivalliq, providing assistance with planning, developing and implementing opportunities for economic development in the region.

We provide grants for eligible Kivalliq Inuit-owned businesses.Our grants are available for pre-start-up, start up, expansion, and business relief, to a maximum of $125,000. Smalll livelihood businesses such as carving and harvesting can obtain grants of up to $5000 a year, for a total lifetime amount of $10,000.

Kivalliq Partners in Development (KPID) was created by the Kivalliq Inuit Association to support Inuit-owned businesses in the Kivalliq region, stimulating employment and economic opportunities for Inuit.

Are You Eligible For Assistance?

You must fall under the following criteria:

  • Inuit of the Kivalliq region.
  • Operating a small business concern, or are a self-employed entrepreneur, outfitter, guide, tour operator, arts and crafts producer and commercial renewable resource harvester.
  • Able to demonstrate both the need for KPID support and the potential benefits to be gained.
  • Able to demonstrate a solid commitment to the future of the business or proposed undertaking.

Our Program

A contribution to small business, to the arts and traditional economics.

To provide access to small-scale contributions for tools and equipment necessary for operating in the small business, arts and crafts and traditional economy sectors.

Insurance relief for Kivalliq region outfitters, guides and adventure tour operators

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided to a maximum amount per client per application, and to a maximum life time amount, as defined in our policy and guidelines. 

Entrepreneurs must be able to provide at least a 10% equity component to the overall project cost.

"Sweat equity" -- or time and labour already invested in creating the business -- may also be considered.

Contributions from KPID will not be considered if a financial analysis of the business indicates that it is viable without assistance.